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Nose to Nose - Spring Cleaning in the ‘Niche (Wednesday April 13, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

Photo - Wikipedia - Cleaning maid - Hans Zille

Kay: What’s in the box?
Gwen: Detritus, flotsam, jetsam, bits and bobs....junk!  I've been purging!
Kay: Sounds nasty!
Gwen: Not that kind of purging. I've been cleaning my frag drawers – dusting, cleaning, organizing,’s a BIG job!
Kay: Hey, me too! Spring’s definitely arrived in the Niche –the urge to clean is overwhelming!
Gwen: You getting rid of anything?
Kay: Well, no, not really – which is a problem, cuz I’m running out of room! But I just can’t bring myself to get rid of any of my perfumes! I mean, my tastes may have expanded and refined, but they haven't changed radically. Some of my older perfumes I don’t wear very much, but I still love ‘em. How do you part with something you love?
Gwen: Ever think of sharing them? You know - splits?
Kay: Splits. Hmmm - like sharing the love........I could maybe do splits!
Gwen: Yeah, well,  we get the chance this weekend.
Kay: Whadda you mean?
Gwen: The Nosey Bunch is meeting at Noor in Yorkville on the 16th to sniff, share, sample and just have fun.
Kay: I’ve got that in my calendar.
Gwen: And, cuz I know you are always open to trying new scents, don’t forget that M. Fredéric Malle will be at the Fredéric Malle counter in Holt Renfrew on Bloor St. on May 5th.
Kay: Did you get an invite from Holt’s?
Gwen: Don’t need one - just show up! I hear that he will be autographing bottles, so I'm bringing a couple of my FM frags along.
Kay: The 5th is a very busy day.
Gwen: It is?
Kay: Yep. Hérmes is also having a charity event on May 5th. It's a silk sale at the Metro Convention Centre to raise money in support of Multiple Sclerosis research at St. Michael's Hospital.
Gwen: Silk, you say? Scarves?  Ties?
Kay: Yep. At up to 50% off. And then....
Gwen: There’s more?
Kay: Yep.... Ineke Ruhland will be visiting at Saltridges on Thursday, April 28th. to meet and talk about her fragrances.
Gwen: Ooohh, I’d love to meet her  -  and you know Deb and Nancy at Saltridges always put on a good event.

Kay: I know –can’t wait!  Gwen, with so many events going on in the next few weeks, why don’t we introduce our readers to these niche lines' events  with a “Spring 2011 Events” Gift Pack.

Gwen: You’re so smart! What’ll we put in it?
Kay: How about Field Notes from Paris for Ineke, Dans tes Bras for Fredéric Malle, Osmanthe Yunnan for Hérmes, and.......  let’s include a L’Artisan fragrance from Noor – how about Traversée du Bosphore? It’s such an unusual and beautiful scent!

Gwen: Sign me up! Now – what about those splits?

Kay: Splits!  You were serious?? Gwen, that’s a life-changing strategy....I’m gonna have to work on that! You know  – consult my therapist, write in my journal, search for guidance.... flip a coin. Gwen, you’re talking about my perfumes!

To be continued.............
"Spring 2011 Events” Gift Pack – 4 decants for $12.00, plus shipping.

Field Notes from Paris Ineke
Bergamot at the top, sweet citrusy orange flower and spicy coriander – these notes vibrate at the top. Then tobacco, cedar, earthy patchouli in the heart, and smooth vanilla and leather in the base create  a warm and mellow scent that is beautiful on either a man or a woman.

Dans tes Bras Fredéric Malle
Dans tes Bras is the smell of intimacy, the smell of skin when you reach in close for just a moment to kiss someone in greeting or goodbye. It has a strong opening of bergamot, clove and violet, which dries down woody, slightly spicy but earthy, with a hint of floral jasmine. Salicylates give it a kiss of sun tan lotion and a slight salty tang. Superb.

Osmanthe Yunnan Hérmes
To me, Osmanthe Yunnan smells like spring and early summer, faint whiffs of young white blossoms and leaves mixed with warm sunlight, and the muted  animalic notes. It's undemanding, easy to wear, and very chic. It includes notes of Yunnan tea, freesia, apricot, osmanthus flower, leather and musk.

Traversée du Bosphore L’Artisan Parfumeur
The amazing thing about this gourmand scent of apple, rose lemon, almond and vanilla is the sheer lightness of it – it wafts serenely. In the drydown, tobacco, leather, saffron and musk give it more weight but it is still a soft luminous scent, with hints of leather and smokey incense returning to tease your nose.


“Spring 2011 Events” Gift Pack is listed in our Decant Store. 4 1 ml. decants for $12.00, plus shipping and handling.


I'm having the same problem, no more room, but plenty of perfumes I still want! I'll be at Noor, and I'll bring a list of the FBs I own, in case you want to trade anything. I'm also really lusting after a couple of new bottles, maybe someone there will want to split with me?

Re: Splits?

Good idea. Why don't you list some of the fragrances you want to split, come up with a price list and post it here. We'll see if there is any response in preparation for the Nosey Bunch'.