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Launched in 2002, Nostalgia, according to the SMN website, was designed to suggest the odors associated with Millemiglia race cars. Smells of tires worn out by acceleration and sudden breaking blend with hints of gasoline and leather, both of which are characteristic of antique cars.

It opens with a burst of citrusy bergamot that ushers in gorgeous notes of rubber and gasoline. If these notes sound harsh, they don’t smell that way. Instead, the opening is extremely refined on me – green and a little sweet. As it blooms, it gets woody from cedarwood and dark and resinous from styrax. And then there’s the birchtar – leathery, tarry and smoky, it worms its way through the fragrance, as patchouli comes forward, soft and sweet, its camphorous aspect extending the wintergreen facet of the birchtar to a base sweetened just so by amber and vanilla.

The drydown is woody, smooth and sophisticated with that note of rubber sitting on the surface – a testament to the notes being in perfect balance and harmony so that it has a wistful beauty.

The only thing I find a little bit funny about Nostalgia is that it is from Santa Maria Novella – a house started by herbalist friars in 1612. But, I guess just because you’re a friar doesn’t mean you can’t get nostalgic for the good old days of the Millemiglia.

Notes: bergamot, rubber, gasoline, styrax, cedar, patchouli, leather, amber, vanilla and birch tar

Type: Eau de Cologne

Parfumeur: Unknown

Price: $5.00