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Note Series #1 - WOODS – November 25, 2015


Image - Wikimedia Commons - Cathedral trees in Prairie Creek State Park, California, June 2007

Gwen:        I’ve been counting – we have a lot of perfumes.

Kay:            You’re right, we do. A lot of very good perfumes. I’ve been wearing and writing about some from our early listings, and you know, BFF, once again I’m in awe of their beauty.

Gwen:        I know exactly what you mean. Smelling them again is pure pleasure, a reminder that they should be shared.

Kay:            I agree. Anyone who loves perfume should experience these fabulous scents, should get to sniff them, wear them.

Gwen:        Right, they need decants. A gift to themselves, or maybe to give as a gift  - it’s that time of year! Let’s create decant packs with some of the key perfume notes, and offer them over the next few weeks, just in time for….Chr

Kay:            Don’t say it! DO NOT say the ‘C’ word!

Gwen:        Kay, I would never say that word! I’m offended that you would even suggest that I….

Kay:            Sorry, Pal, I meant ‘Christmas’! I can’t get my head around the holidays just yet. What I want to say, though, is that I think each decant pack should include four scents, so people can experience a single note from different creative perspectives….

Gwen:        Great idea! And they could be for Xmas – see what I did there?

Kay:            Yeah – no “C” word – sneaky! But seriously, these fragrances will keep on giving pleasure all year round.

Gwen:        Which makes them the perfect gift for anyone, anytime. They’re ideal for both sexes, and non-seasonal. Here’s the first in our Note Series:


Note Series #1 – WOODS

4 1ml. decants for $16.00, regular $21.00

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons - Woods, many woods

This is all about the woods: gaiacwood, cedar,  sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver take you deeper and deeper into aromatic, fragrant, and deep dark woods.

Anat Fritz  by Anat Fritz – Woods with vetiver and lavender

Fragrant vetiver is right at the opening – woody, earthy, green and herbaceous, along with floral, bright lavender and a note of cedar. The base of soft sandalwood and earthy patchouli echo and bolster the vetiver and cedar so that the whole mixture becomes warm, woody and rich.

Moonshine by East-West Bottlers - Southern woods in the night

Moonshine smells woody and green from cedar and pine, a little boozy from juniper, spicy from black pepper, all warmed in the base by tobacco and leather and hints of dark patchouli. Described as a classic gentlemens's scent "…understated, manly, for men comfortable in their own skin – who don’t need to be associated with the latest trend or fad… …”. It's a quiet woods, so also perfect for women who love woody fragrances. 

Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens –Woods and spicy florals

The benchmark for a new generation of woody scents, Féminité du Bois is about cedarwood from top to bottom, but this note is never overwhelming or intrusive. It’s masterfully balanced with spicy rose and lush fruit notes, cleverly woven through the long drydown. A feminine wood scent that became the template for the Serge Lutens line.

Note Series #1 - WOODS is listed in our Decant Store...

Four 1 ml. decants for $16.00, regular $21.00.