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Note Series #12 – PATCHOULI

Patchouli is used in many, many, many fragrances, usually in the base as a fixative and balancing note, but sometimes as the star attraction. Paired with woods and mosses, florals, spice and gourmand notes, patchouli scents seem to appeal to everyone, and are the perfect shared fragrance. Here are four of our favourites.

Note Series #12 – PATCHOULI
4-1ml. decants for $16, regular $21.00. 

Borneo 1834- patchouli and woody resins and dark cocoa

This Serge Lutens masterpiece is an incredibly dark dry scent, opening with a shocking blast of bitter cocoa powder, and what? what is that smell?? It’s patchouli, but a patchouli I've never smelled before…patchouli leaves, vegetal, earthy, not the least bit sweet or hippy-dippy. In the dry-down it finally sweetens a little, with a hint of wood smoke, and settles in to be totally intoxicating and gorgeous, with exceptional sillage which trails for hours. A fabulous men’s frag, and instant love for me.

Blasted Heath  – woody and earthy and gentlemanly

Blasted Heath from Penhaligon's offers up patchouli in a way I have never experienced before before – light and clean. That’s because Clearwood™, a material created by Firmenich, which has the woodiness of patchouli without the dirty earthiness, was used as a heart note here. The woodiness of the heart becomes the backbone of the base with dark, earthy, woody patchouli, cedarwood, gaiacwood and vetiver. I don’t miss my dirty patchouli in this gentlemanly declaration of masculinity.

Angel – patchouli and florals and chocolate and vanilla

Angel by Olivier Cresp for Thierry Mugler in 1992 was a game-changer. Patchouli is the star, paired with different accords, starting with fruity florals and honey, loud, bright and sweet, then going dark with sour aspects as it pairs with bitter chocolate and tonka, then softening and mellowing with musk, vanilla and caramel. Light and heavy, strange and comforting, feminine and masculine – it’s loaded with contrasts and opposites. This is its brilliance, what has made it a modern classic. If you tried Angel years ago, and thought it was just too much, try it again now. I bet you’ll be surprised how your perception of it has mellowed. If you’ve never tried Angel on your own skin and experienced its magic, it’s about time you did. Use a single spritz.

Patchouli Intense  – refined and sophisticated patchouli

The most refined, sophisticated patchouli around. It isn’t a dark, dank or heavy patchouli but vibrant and green, its woody aspect strengthened with sandalwood. When it combines with a heart note of rose the scent becomes sublime together, with neither one dominating the other. Another beautiful creation from Patricia de Nicolaï.
Note Series #12 – PATCHOULI is listed in our Decant Store. 4 - 1ml. decants for $16.00, regular $21.00.