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Note Series #13 – LAVENDER

Bees in lavender field - Aix-en-Provence, France - Wikipedia

Lavender or Lavandula is a genus of 39 species of flowering plants in the mint family, native to Europe, northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to southeast India. Many lavenders thrive in temperate climates as ornamental plants in gardens, for use as culinary herbs, and are grown commercially in southern France, for the extraction of essential oils for use in aromatherapy and therapeutic oils, and in perfumes for men and women. The most widely cultivated species, Lavandula angustifolia, is what we know as lavender...the spiky plant, the delicious aromatic herbal scent, and the very specific shade of purple. (source Wikipedia).

Here are four of our very favourite scents which feature this distinctive and important perfume note...

Note Series #13 – LAVENDER

4 1ml. decants for $19.00, regular $23.00. 

Eau de Lavande – Annick Goutal – aromatic and virile and refined

It opens fresh and bracing with lavender, not sweet English lavender, but potent wild French lavender - sharp, aromatic and camphorous. A soft floral note emerges as it moves to a warm, rich, spicy heart. I smell fenugreek and curry – I smell immortelle. Lavender and immortelle have an olfactory affinity that is masterfully highlighted here. Lavender collides with immortelle to give Eau de Lavande a gorgeous virility. As this starts to fade, the caramelized sugar aspect of the immortelle segues to a base of soft vanilla, so that the dry-down is elegant, sophisticated and refined.

Anat Fritz - Anat Fritz – captivating and familiar and unexpected

Known for her woven designs, she weaves magic here with her first fragrance. Woody, earthy and green vertiver is joined by shy lavender floral and minty. The lavender has a camphorous facet that leads right to a note of cedar. At the heart these three notes intermingle, playing off the different aspects of each other on a base of soft sandalwood and earthy patchouli - but that lavender is what pulls me in.

Encens et Lavande –Serge Lutens – herbal and smoky and ethereal

The first sniffs are pure lavender, sun-warmed lavender, aromatic, airy, peppery and pungent from the mix of purple blooms, stems and leaves. The scent is very fresh and real, and before it becomes powdery there’s a green herbal undertone from clary sage. The incense immediately pulls the lavender into balance, adding a smoky warmth and softness - the yin to the lavender yang -  as Encens et Lavande moves into the heart, becoming darker with warm amber notes. The scent sweetens only slightly and the light airy quality maintains, so that the fragrance becomes ethereal, like walking in a cloud of scent. A different kind of scent from Serge Lutens, and absolutely beautiful.

Liquid Crystal – Agoniste – fresh and warm and inviting

Bergamot and absinthe are cool and green out of the bottle, fresh and citrusy, and then lavender starts to rise up, astringent and aromatic with its unique herbal twist, a beautiful mix with the citrus notes. There’s a brief minty effect, then the lavender sharpness is slowly softened by spices, cloves, orange and hints of vanilla. Liquid Crystal becomes harmonious, more animalic and less herbal as the incense and patchouli heart notes unfold underneath the lavender. In the dry-down vetiver, amber, tonka, labdanum and cedarwood create a divinely powdered warmth, providing a lush backdrop for the marvelous green lavender note that has been there from almost the first whiff. It’s a swooner….

Note Series #13 – LAVENDER is listed in our Decant Store. 4 1ml. decants for $19.00, regular $23.00.