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Orange Star – A star is born – December 10, 2012 New Fragrance Listing


My BFF and sniffing partner, Gwen, was in Europe this August, and she brought me a bottle of Tauer Perfumes, Orange Star. It wasn’t a big surprise because I’d asked her to buy it for me – the big surprise is how much I love it, I mean LOVE IT!

I’ve written about Andy Tauer in my post about  L’air du Desert Marocain, one of his earlier perfumes. He’s an interesting guy in the perfume industry, a Swiss scientist who became a perfumer, a man of many talents with an inquiring mind  – check out his website/blog and see for yourself -

Andy says “My vision was, and still is, to create perfumes that are beyond the ordinary..... create fragrances without compromises.......Behind every perfume is a picture that leads and guides me. Behind every fragrant picture is the wish to form a unique pleasure.”

I like the orange note in perfume, the aromatic oil kind of teases the nostrils, but it can be a tricky note – too sharp, too creamy, too bubble-gummy – and it disappears quickly, so its main role is at the top.  In Andy’s hands, the orange goes right into the heart, and stays there for hours, until the last  gorgeous whiff disappears into thin air. Here are the notes: Top: clementine, red mandarin; Heart: lemongrass, orange flowers, violet flowers; Base: ambergris, vanilla, Patchouli, ambreine(cistus).

Orange Star begins big, with a luscious blast of intense orange, sitting on a pillow of lemon zest – it’s like citrus firecrackers in your face!  And then sweet red mandarin is the bridge into the floral heart, where the orange blossom is the star, amplified with a hint of dark vanilla. As the the dry-down continues, the orange blossom is tamed by Andy’s signature basenotes, and a soft woody, incense, amber accord develops, taking the citrus out of the garden and into the woods. Like all of Tauer’s fragrances, Orange Star stays on the skin a long time, never losing its subtle complexity.

From personal sniffing experience, I know that Andy Tauer’s fragrant visions to date have turned out pretty terrific, so I bought Orange Star unsniffed. I'd wanted it for the past year, since I read in an interview that he was working on an orange scent that was unique and original, and so I was prepared for something special. It's definitely special. For me. Orange Star is one of those fragrances  that went beyond my expectations, and set a new standards.

The orange note in fragrance has changed  for me forever. Sweet, fresh, girly citrus?  Hell, no! Orange Star is a full, resinous, lusty, vibrant orange perfume that now has its own star in the perfume firmament.


Orange Star is listed in our Decant store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.