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Our “No. 5 Celebrations” Contest winners - May 8, 2015

Image - Wikipedia - Wheel of Fortune - Boccaccio illustration, 15th C. Glasgow University

Kay:           The Wheel of Fortune has spun, and we have our contest winners!

Gwen:        Just look at that stack of entries! What an amazing response we’ve had from our readers around the world.

Kay:           We got some amazing feed-back, people had such positive things to say about us and our little perfumeniche.

Gwen:        I think they like us!

Kay:           It’s inspired me to want to tell more and more of our perfume stories. So many of the entries said that we’ve inspired them to explore different kinds of perfume notes, and helped them to understand the complexity, and the beauty, of fragrance.

Gwen:        That’s what it’s all about, sharing knowledge and experience, and creating community. I feel like our readers are our friends.

Kay:           Well said, I agree. I think it’s time to let our friends know if they’ve won one of the five bottles. The suspense must be killing them!

Gwen:        OK  - here are the five winners, first names only:


Anicka….True Lust by Etat Libre d’Orange, courtesy of New London Pharmacy in NYC

Cathy….Mecca Balsam from La Via del Profumo in Italy

Claude….Vol 870 YUL-CDG from Monsillage in Montreal

Marie-Helene….Invasion Barbare from Parfums MDCI in Paris

Stacey....Tea for Two from L’Artisan Parfumeur, courtesy of Twisted Lily in Brooklyn, NY


We’ve notified all our winners, and as soon as we receive their addresses, we’ll arrange to have their prizes shipped to them.

Kay:           And everyone who entered our “No. 5 Celebrations” contest will receive a little thank-you, too.

Gwen:        Wow! That’s a really nice gesture!

Kay:           Well, don’t you agree that every guest leaving a Happy Birthday party should leave with something for themselves, a little party favour…?

Gwen:        Ohh – goodie bags. I love those! I agree completely!

Kay:           Great! Let's get packing so we can get them shipped right away to everyone. We all know that special feeling when you know good fumes are coming your way!