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Rose de Nuit – This is a dark ride (January 5, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

My favourite part of the holiday season are the other eleven days of Christmas. All the work – wrapping, decorating, preparing – is done. All the anticipation and expectation have subsided. It’s quiet and peaceful and there’s time to really enjoy friends and family and really look at all the gifts – from the wallet and from the heart – that Santa brought.

I love seeing people out and about on streets and in shops during the holidays wearing the new hats and scarves or mittens they got for Christmas. Of course, I’ll be wearing Rose de Nuit by Serge Lutens cause every good little perfumnista knows Santa doesn’t live in the North Pole he really lives in Paris! And, he knows I have an allergy to wool. He also reads this blog cause he knows about my rose obsession/fixation thing – well, c’mom, he sees you when you’re sleeping too!

I’ve longed for this EDP since the first time I smelled it, so it was right at the top of my Christmas wish list.  

The opening is a rose and mint combo that always gives me pause. WOW! Not the slap in the face that Tubéreuse Criminelle gives, but potent none the less. Jasmine appears and gives it a fleshiness and a fullness. To my nose, it smells meaty. A note of dried apricot adds a greenness and another dimension of fleshiness, but very little sweetness. At the base it gets more resinous. Animalic musk heightens the lusty aspect while sandalwood and beeswax give it woody warmth and depth.

Rose is the constant in this fragrance but it never gets overbearing, sweet or powdery. This is not a young, fresh, flower – this is dark and dangerous. More female than feminine, more lusty than coy, Rose de Nuit is a tingle looking for a spine.

I don’t believe for a minute that it was made by elves!

Today we're adding Rose de Nuit to our fragrance samples offering. NOTE: This fragrance is only available at Les Salons Du Palais Royal in Paris. Samples are $7.00.