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Rose Tonnerre

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Launched in 2003 by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, (formerly Une Rose), Rose Tonnerre is the must-smell for any rose fragrance lover.
In his book “On Perfume Making” Frédéric Malle talks about how Rose Tonnere came about. He says: “At the request of a cooking magazine called “La Truffle”, Edouard [Fléchier] took up the challenge of reproducing the odor of a Perigord truffle “by nose” while stripping away its garlickly smell. He did that by jotting the raw materials down on paper, like a painter sketching an object.” Together Fléchier and Malle came up with the idea of pairing the woodsy, anmalic ‘truffle’ notes with a feminine, floral rose.
He goes on to say ”The idea was to take advantage of the half-earthy, half-animal nature of the of the truffle to enhance the “garden” aspect of the flower.  That’s one of the reasons I love Rose Tonnerre. But I’ve got plenty of other reasons to love it, like the fact that it just smells so, so good.
It opens, with a fresh, bright note of rose – true rose, like the ones in a garden – honeyed, fruity, lavish and opulent. Geranium adds sharpness and warmth before it gets woody, animalic and earthy – that’s the ‘truffle’ effect. The drydown is layered, rich and dark. 
The interplay of the ‘masculine’ woodsiness/earthiness with the ‘feminine’ rose is what makes Rose Tonnerre one of the top rose scents I know. It’s an experience I want to have over and over again.
Rose Tonnerre smells like a lush, raw, ripe rose, freshly plucked from the garden – rose, leaves, roots and all.
Notes: Turkish rose, fruity notes, honey, geranium, woods, tuber, musk, and red wine dregs.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Edouard Fléchier

Price: $8.00