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Santal de Mysore


Mysore sandalwood, "like sheer, cream pudding made with wood dust and champagne. It’s both dry-woody and creamy-fresh. Unlike anything else I’ve ever smelled. I think newer Sandal is just as beautiful, but often smells like an entirely different note; more astringent, drier and almost grassy.” (from nowsmellthis comments)

All the notes are right there at the top, in the first sniffs - a full Indian buffet, savoury, sweet, buttery, spicy. The opening is fantastic, a spiced curry, slightly sweetened with burnt caramel, but which feels light, and floating on coconut rice, subtly seeded with sour cumin.

As Santal de Mysore warms on my skin, the spice accord is softened by florals, which aren’t listed, and after fifteen minutes or so, the feast starts to transform from savoury to sweet, from spicy curry to creamy cool pudding, a thin pourable vanilla custard with a hint of anise, like the brightly coloured candied seeds at Indian buffets, which I can never resist.

So far I love Santal de Mysore, but where’s the sandalwood? Here it is now! – creamy, silky, smoky, warm, rich and deep – absolutely a sandalwood like I’ve never smelled before. Indian sandalwood, wrapped in the smell of India. I'm in a sandalwood forest, loving the exotic woodiness that floats from this amazing tree into the warm air.

If you like  exploring the unconventional side of perfumes, then you should definitely give this a try. Don’t be put off by the gourmand curry description because this accord isn’t heavy or overpowering – it’s strangely beautiful, and it soon fades. Just be patient, and wait, because waiting gets you to the prize behind it all, the marvelously exotic sandalwood dry-down and lingering finish.

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Notes: Mysore sandalwood, cumin, spices, styrax balsam, caramelized Siamese benzoin
Type: EdP
Parfumeurs: Christopher Sheldrake and Serge Lutens

Price: $7.00