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"Scents of Pleasure (His)" Decant Pack

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"Scents of Pleasure (His)" Decant Pack
Three 1 ml. decants for $16.00, regular price $21.00

Bois d’Orage (French Lover) – Frederic Malle   
It starts out sharp and dry, then evolves into a mysterious woody dry-down with a hint of amber, which keeps your nose in his neck! Masculine perfection.
Lonestar Memories – Tauer Perfumes   
Andy Tauer’s homage to the American cowboy - the smell of a campfire, of worn leather gloves and saddles smoothed and rounded by notes of jasmine, myrhh and earthy vetiver. Sandalwood makes the dry down luxurious and full. A movie in a bottle.
Sables – Annick Goutal   
Sables, with the unique “maple syrup and curry” note of immortelle flower, is perfectly balanced with pepper for heat and dryness, vanilla to highlight its sweetness, and sandalwood, which adds a rich woodiness, resulting in an harmonious boozy, spicy, exotic, warm fragrance.

Price: $16.00