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Sharing scented connections

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The past few weeks have been a challenge for everyone, no matter where you live. Self-isolation is forcing us all to find new ways to stay in touch like, sharing movies, cooking classes and fitness classes on Skype or ZOOM.

We’ve even noticed this spirit of sharing here at with a sharp increase in people buying decants and having them sent to friends and family so they can sniff and share the experience  (using our Handmaps). One woman bought the exact same decants for her three daughters, who live in three different provinces. Another order was sent to five women who work at the same company, who wanted an ‘office’ get together while staying apart. 

And there is a perk in all this, it’s small but real, nonetheless… self-isolation allows you to wear fragrance without worrying about others' allergies or sensitivities, the weather, the season, or even the time of day.

So, in the spirit of sharing, and for a limited time, we have a special offer:

When you place an order to buy decants for someone else, we’ll give you TWO decants of your choosing for yourself on your NEXT order.

Here's how it works:

First order: Type the word FRIENDS in the Comment section of your order. This qualifies you for the offer.

Next order: Type the names of your TWO decant choices in the Comment section of your order. Do not add them to your CART.

Stay connected, stay well, and stay scented!

We're all  in this together.

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