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Sunshine Woman

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Amouage, founded in Oman in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman, really became a player in the luxury niche market when Christopher Chong was made Creative Director in 2006. Together with CEO David Crickmore, Chong has reinvented and reinvigorated the line, working with great perfumers like Jean-Claude Ellena, Maurice Roucel and Jacques Flori to produce some of the richest, luxurious, most gorgeous fragrances money.
Sunshine Woman is the 37th fragrance from Amouage. It opens with an surprise accord which smells sweet, fruity and medicinal all at the same time. The medicinal note transforms almost immediately into a soft almond, balancing the luscious blackcurrent liqueur and the fruity herbal davana, both of which waft light and soft, so that the opening is inviting, warm and airy rather than overpowering. 
The faint almond carries through into the heart where the white florals bloom in their own private garden, individual notes of jasmine, peachy osmanthus and magnolia blending into a rich luxurious accord, the deeper magnolia wafting through expansively. The gentle almond note takes on a vanillic edge, adding a velvety warmth to the dry-down through the heart and putting me a state of pure bliss…just like the sensation of dozing outside on the deck in the warm sun on the first perfect day of Spring.
The sensation of warmth builds through the base with earthy patchouli and grassy/woody papyrus, cadewood adds a touch of dark smoke and leather, blond tobacco adds a savoury herbal note, and all this luxurious richness swirls around the florals, restrained and complemented by the soft almond vanilla accord. The effect is narcotic, addictive, indescribably gorgeous, not gourmand or floral, but textured and playfully chic.  The scent stays for 10-12 hours on my skin, but its sillage is perfectly contained.
And then there’s the Sunshine Woman bottle. Golden yellow heavy opaque glass with a subdued sparkly finish – sunlight reflecting off glass - and a white cap with a saffron-coloured Swarovski crystal on top. And the box it comes in, which converts to a trinket box – sky blue faux leather outside, soft suede inside – a blue sky to hold the golden sunshine.
Sunshine Woman is just beautiful. It makes me feel happy.
Notes: Blackcurrant Liqueur, Almond, Davana, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Vanilla, Magnolia, Cade, Patchouli, Blond Tobacco, Papyrus
Type: EdP
Parfumeure: Sidonie Lancesseur

Price: $7.00