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Tangy Rhubarb

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Tangy Rhubarb was launched in 2021 as part of Jo Malone's Summer 2021 limited edition "The Brits: Marmalade Collection". The Jo Malone website tells the story: Imagine the scene where the sun shines on the local British village fete. Families gather, brightly coloured bunting flutters gently in the breeze and jars of homemade jams and marmalades sit proudly atop gingham tabletops. It’s this idyllic setting and all the fun of the fair that has inspired our latest collection.

On me, Tangy Rhubarb opens with a bright sunny note of lemon that eases in a note of rhubarb. I smell the green leaves and the tart, crisp stalks for sure, but without any harness or astringency. This rhubarb stirs up gentle childhood memories, not bitter ones. A note of sweet, juicy orange counters the tartness at the heart, while a note of jasmine adds floral opulence to the rhubarb (which is, technically, a vegetable) that gives Tangy Rhubarb a lushness. Cedarwood at the base adds a creamy woodiness, while musk locks it all in place.

The drydown is fruity, floral, bright and sensual and perfectly unisex as far as I’m concerned. 

This is a cologne after all, so there are no big surprises, dark depths, or evolution - just the feeling of the lightness and cheer of a perfect summer's day. Sometimes, that's all I need.

Notes: Lemon, rhubarb, sweet orange, jasmine, cedar wood and musk

Type: cologne

Parfumeur: Nicolas Bonneville


Price: $6.00