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Thank Goddess, it's Spring!

Image - - Flora and Zephyr, Jan Breughel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens, 1617

Gwen: Guess who visited me today?

Kay:  I dunno. The Goddess of Spring?

Gwen: Hey! That was a lucky guess! 

Kay: Not really. You smell of violet, daffodil, iris and lilac. With a hint of …mimosa?

Also, you have some random leaves in your hair.

Gwen: Leaves?…she gave me a big hug. By the way her name is Flora.

Kay: Who?

Gwen: The Goddess of Spring.

Kay:  Well, spring is definitely in the air.

We got an email from the Duchesse, from one of our favourite blogs, passagedesperles.

Gwen: I love her musings on the well-lived life.

Kay: And she loves her readers! In fact, she has a  “spring-celebratory draw” on passagedesperles today.  One of her lucky readers is going to win six I ml. decants of fabulous Spring scents, all from our collections.

Gwen: Lucky person! It’s such a superb selection of tenderly beautiful Spring floral notes that everyone will want to be the winner. 

Kay: Which is why we’re offering the Duchesse’s pack to everyone - right here.        

“Flora Fragrance” Pack

Six 1 ml. decants for $24.00+ shipping, regular $30.

Iris de Nuit- HEELEY  - This is iris, light and pure, its natural earthiness showcased, not glammed up with sweet florals or spices, but with subtle notes of cedar and golden amber. Beauty with brains, chic and elegant.

Blanc Violette - Histoires de Parfums  -A pale white violet, earthy, with faint hints of anise and vanilla. Musks and rice powder make it delicate and velvety, an achingly tender feminine scent, deliciously subtle.

Mon Numero 1 - L'Artisan Parfumeur – Green pear, silky musks, this is an homage to white mimosa.  Sheer, light, transparent and seductive, and so very French.

Ostara- Penhaligon's – A burst of green sparks the blooming of spring flowers that showcase heady, narcotic narcissus resting on a resinous vanilla-sweetened base. Ostara smells the way I want spring to feel.

After My Own Heart - Ineke – A perfect soliflore that is the total experience of lilacs – the leaves, the flower and the stems. So romantic, so evocative.

Balenciaga Paris- A soft purple violet scent placed on a subdued earthy-woody base, it really is the smell of spring in the air. Fresh, floral and ethereal and like spring itself, it flirts and teases with the promise of warmer days and shorter nights to come.

“Flora Fragrance” Pack is listed in out Decant Store. Six 1 ml. decants for $24.00 + shipping, regular $30.

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