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Vanilla Flash - Tauerville - No flash in the pan - May 22, 2015


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Esther loves Andy Tauer’s perfumes – see her Wednesday May 20 post. Thinking back, I’m certain that I was the one who triggered her love affair with his indescribably gorgeous scents when I spritzed her with L’Air du Désert Marocain a few years ago. Now she’s discovered Tauerville. Tauerville is another brilliant creative step for this talented Swiss perfumer.

Tauerville is Andy’s segue from the business of niche perfumery, a business which has changed considerably in the past few years as it has grown and gained notoriety. Suffice to say that if the business of niche perfume were a person, they’d be taking a lot of selfies and publishing them in a coffee table book, or something like that, if you get my drift.

In the interview with Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco, Andy says he’s tired of the “dishonesty “ in the perfume business, and Tauerville is his attempt to create a “Swarovski-free zone” by simplifying packaging, marketing, and distribution, and focusing on the juice in the bottle with no restrictions, so that he “can offer some of the best fragrances I’ve created so far”, at affordable prices. His original company, Tauer Perfumes will continue as is, but Tauerville gives him an opportunity to have fun and explore, to “do what needs to be done” creatively.

And he’s done it. As Esther states, Vanilla Flash is definitely Capital D-Divine! Andy says on the Tauerville website that he’s “come up with a vanilla that I will wear – with spices, roses, tobacco, patchouli, and vanilla”. It’s the antithesis of sweet or gourmand, and comes out of the unadorned square 30 ml. bottle smelling earthy and sexy, a black vanilla bean wrapped in damp tobacco leaves and crushed rose stems. Mmmmm, I’m going to love this.

There’s a camphorous or minty edge to the opening accord that soon disappears and is replaced by a spicy ripe rose. Rose is joined with warm amber and subtle woody notes as it dries down into the heart but the sensation is savoury, not sweet, probably due to emergence of the patchouli and dark vanilla accord.

This is a dark vanilla akin to dark bitter chocolate, aromatic, intense, rich, when stripped of its sweetness. The fragrance warms on my skin but remains cool and unsentimental, never creamy or cloying. Through Andy’s unfettered talent, Vanilla Flash is blended to perfection, resulting in a unique synthesis of notes that gives vanilla a whole new dimension. Those who love fine perfume will recognize its quality and divine beauty with their very first sniff of Vanilla Flash, even if vanilla is not at the top of their Preferred Note List.

The wonderful thing is that through his vision of the Tauerville range, Andy has made Vanilla Flash, and Rose Flash, the first fragrance launched in the range, so affordable and available. A 10 ml. roll-on and a 30 ml. spray bottle of EdP are $31.00 and $63.00 respectively on Twisted Lily and Luckyscent – or can be bought from his store at . Click on his website and read about the scents, visit with Andy as he paints a watercolour and talks about this new Tauerville concept, view his gorgeous silk scarves which are also available to purchase.

I admire Andy Tauer’s creativity and his enormous talent, and his gutsy move to focus on the joy of the perfume, not the business of the perfume.  And I love Vanilla Flash. It’s a work of art that I love wearing on my skin. I bet you will, too.

Vanilla Flash is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

Note: All quotes are from Andy Tauer’s blog, the on-line interview from Tigerlily Perfumery, or Andy's video on