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Vol de Nuit Parfum Extrait

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Vol de Nuit Parfum Extrait as the Guerlain website says, is orchestrated differently than the Eau de Toilette, which gives it an “absolute presence.” Less brash in the opening notes than the EdT, the citrus is replaced with soft green galbanum and violet, the individual notes flow in perfect harmony through the heart of carnation, jasmine, rose and vanilla into the woody musky powdery drydown, a subtle orchestration that shifts the meditative quality I felt in the EdT into a higher smoother gear. Rather than on a river, we are in the air.
Everything about the parfum is more nuanced, deeper, longer, darker, richer, but softer, which demands attention. I feel as if bathed in a golden light, hearing the most beautiful music as I experience this enigmatic scent. Is it green, is it floral, is it woody, am I floating, am I flying, where am I going? Vol de Nuit, Night Flight, is taking me somewhere I’ve never been before.
Vol de Nuit Parfum Extrait is an incredibly composed fragrance, enigmatic because it has no clear focus, the notes flowing together seamlessly. Composed by Jacques Guerlain in 1933, it was considered a modern scent inspired by trans-Atlantic flight, which was ground-breaking at that time. To me, it still feels incredibly modern as it conjures the feeling of travel through Deep Space, dark, soundless, mysterious, where Time changes and there is no end.
Vol de Nuit Parfum Extrait is extraordinary, and worth every penny.
Notes: galbanum, narcissus, violet, carnation, jasmine, rose, woody notes, vanilla.
Type: Parfum Extrait
Parfumeur: Jacques Guerlain

Price: $20.00