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"We Love Men" Decant Pack

Men. We love ‘em here at perfumeniche. All of ‘em. The gentlemen, the rogues, the poets, the pirates, the lovers, the fighters, the hunters, the gatherers, the savers and the spenders – tall, skinny, short, round, bald, gay, straight and everything in between. As the Weather Girls’ song goes: “Tall, blonde, dark and lean, rough and tough and strong and mean…” we applaud you all and salute you with a special decant pack: "We Love Men" Decant Pack.

What makes this decant pack so special? Lean in and I’ll tell you…

We’re women and we know that men are really a mix of all types – every pirate has the heart of a poet and every fighter is fighting for love.

"We Love Men" Decant Pack  is for all you fathers, grandfathers, sons, husbands, uncles, dads, dudes and all the people who love you.

The pack contains six fragrances that men will smell great wearing. And, really, don’t ALL men want to smell great? Thought so.

"We Love Men" Decant Pack. Six 1 ml. decants for $24.00, regular price $30.00.


Victrix - Profumum Roma – bold, fresh, elegant and triumphal

Named for the Roman legion founded by Octavian, Victrix can conquer your perfume blahs and help you find the playful confidence to explore new fragrance experiences. With a bold opening of green, woody, earthy vetiver tempered by rosy pink pepper that mellows to a dark piney accord at the heart to the rich earthy oakmoss at the base, Victrix will stir olfactory adventures of wild frontiers, virgin terrain and uncharted territories.

Minotaure - Paloma Picasso - aromatic, radiant, with the heart of a hero

This was David Bowie's favourite fragrance. From it's tart aromatic opening accord right through the green floral heart to the radiant warmth of soft worn leather and amber woods in the base, Minotuare is exceptional.  Minotaure has a warm romantic inner core but comes off the skin feeling almost cool, which I find fascinating. At the end it’s like a walk in the moonlight, held tightly in a lover’s warm embrace.

ManRose – Etro - Rosy and elegant and man-worthy

ManRose is not a romantic rose or a delicate rose or a coquettish rose. This is a heady, intoxicating, voluptuous, dark rose. This is the kind of rose a Roman soldier would wear in a corona obsidional romana – yeah, it’s that man-worthy, thanks to geranium and incense. When you wear ManRose, men will want to be you, women will want to be with you.

Stetson - Stetson - aromatic herbs, dark vanillic florals, leather and woods

Advertised by Stetson, the famous cowboy hat maker, as "...the legendary fragrance of the American West. A rich, masculine blend of rugged woods and spice." this classic cologne from the 1950's is not quite as butch as described but is definitely manly. Stetson is for a man who has good taste, knows a well-made classic fragrance when he smells one, and isn’t afraid to wear it.

L'Aigle De La Victoire - Rancé 1795 - Smoky and leathery and commanding

‘L'Aigle De La Victoire’ translates as the ‘The Victory Eagle’ and is a reference to the staff carried into battle as a standard by Napoleon’s’ army during the Napoleonic Wars. A bold,  elegant opening of sour bergamot backed with a note of bay leaf that opens up into the most incredible smoky/leather/woody scent thanks to patchouli, birch and labdanum. L'Aigle De La Victoire comes to play and it plays dirty, while still retaining a certain elegance. With a rich, dry, raunchy, and unapologetically seductive drydown, L'Aigle De La Victoire is aromatic, potent and proof of just how sexy power can be.

Kouros - Yves St. Laurent - coriander and clove, oakmoss and ambergris, spices, vetiver, civet  - a masculine powerhouse

Kouros is a classic old-school men’s fragrance, with a big animated voice that may seem too loud for current subdued millennial sensibilities. It's just so NOT a freshly-showered and shaved, politically-correct, androgynous fashion fragrance. Kouros is definitely a man-scent, a fabulous hefty man-scent, with a little grey in the temples and hair on the chest.Worn with discretion, (one spritz only!), Kouros as it dries down delivers a warm sensuous embrace rather than a tentative uncommitted cuddle. And for that, I love it.

These fragrances will let you be the man you’ve always wanted to be or at least smell like him.

"We Love Men" Decant Pack is listed in our Decant Store. Six 1 ml. decants for $24.00, regular price $30.00.

Image - Male symbol - Wikimedia Commons