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Field Notes from Paris


Canadian born indie perfumer, Ineke Ruhland, moved to Europe as a young woman to study perfume.  After graduating from the Institut Supérieur International - Parfum Cosmétique Aromatique or ISIPCA, in Versailles, she opened up her own shop in San Francisco in 2006. Currently there are seven scents in the line. Each one tells a story and the names are all built around the alphabet. So ‘A’ is represented by After my Own Heart, ‘B’ represented by Balmy Days and Sundays and so on. For me, the standout is ‘F’ Field Notes from Paris.

Inspired by the time she spent in Paris studying perfume, hanging out in cafés on the right bank, watching, smelling, experiencing and recording it all, Field Notes from Paris is a real swooner.

Bergamot off the top soon fades and allows to sweet citrusy orange flower and spicy coriander seed to come forward. These two notes vibrate off each other and bring out the best of each other. Things warm up at the heart with tobacco and earthy, musty patchouli which are balanced by cool cedar. These give the frag body. At the base, tonka bean and vanilla give it a soft sweetness while leather gives it rich warmth. This is not a harsh, strong scent, but a warm and mellow one that is beautiful on either a man or a woman.

Notes: Bergamot, orange flower, coriander seed, tobacco, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean, vanilla, leather

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Ineke Ruhland


Price: $5.00