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Le Temps D'Une Fête


Patricia de Nicolai has a talent for creating tasteful, unusual fragrances. This one is a stunner. The opening is green - herbal and bitter, with spicy warmth. Then animalic and earthy narcissus appears, softened with floral hyacinth. A woody base of sandalwood, oak moss and patchouli gives it  a creaminess while balancing it all out.

This is something worth celebrating.
Notes: galbanum, opoponax, narcissus, hyacinth, sandalwood, patchouli and oak moss.
Type: EDT
Parfumeur: Patricia de Nicolai

Price: $5.00

Le Temps D'Une Fete - amazing

Wow - what a stunner! I purchased the sampler, and am now torn between putting this scent atop my birthday wish list and Serge Lutnes' Bois de Violette... Or Steven Jones for C de G. It's all too much!

Le Temps D'Une Fete is a beautiful addition to my tiny "grass" collection. There's a lot going on here that brings me into the great outdoors - wood, grass, moss, and a couple of floral notes that my "green" nose just can't identify.

And it's a long-lasting one to boot. After smelling dozens and dozens of fragrances in the last couple of months, this one has drop-kicked me senseless. In a good way.