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Lonestar Memories


Andy Tauer’s homage to the American cowboy, Lonestar Memories is a haunting, gorgeous fragrance.
It opens with a surprise: a camphor/medicinal note that I love and that to me smells like liniment. Geranium and sage balance it with an organic note while cedar wood gives it a woodiness. Soon a smoky/leathery accord appears – the smell of a campfire, of worn leather gloves and saddles. Jasmine adds an animalic note – every cowboy has his horse - that just rounds out any harshness and makes that smoky/leather accord just perfect. Myrhh and vetiver at the base give it an earthiness which is slightly sweetened by tonka. Sandalwood smoothes out any sharpness, so that the dry down is luxurious and full, never hard or flat.
Great on a man, deadly on a women, this unique, beautiful scent has great lasting power.

Notes: Green geranium, carrot seed, clary sage, birchtar, cistus, jasmine, cedar wood, myrrh, Tonka, vetiver, sandalwood

Type: EDT 
Parfumeur: Andy Tauer

Price: $7.00