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Bulgari Black - The puck stops here! - April 26, 2010 New Fragrance Listing

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Years ago when my mother-in-law visited us from England, she got a real kick out of a sign that hangs over our street: No Ball Hockey Playing on Street.

Only in Canada, where hockey has such a hold on people’s psyche, do we have to have a municipal law forbidding its play in the streets. Doesn’t work though – kids are out there playing street hockey all the time. 

My own house is full of hockey equipment – helmets, sticks, jerseys, pads and skates drying out after a session on the ice – summer and winter.

I suppose that’s why the first time I smelled Bulgari Black it was familiar to me. To me, Black is one of the all time great scents. And while all perfumes are unique in a way, Black smells like no other fragrance, because the first hit smells like smoldering rubber - in a good way. After all, who wants to smell like a hockey puck?

The rubber smell comes from lapsang souchong tea, which gives this scent a smoky edge that is later softened by rosewood and cedar, while musk and vanilla appear in the background. Once this fragrance settles down, it really doesn’t seem to have any phases. The rubber and the woods stay constant, although they do get milder over time. This is what makes Black such a glorious, distinctive scent. Whenever I wear it, and I wear it a lot, I get noticed – in a good way.

Maybe we should get a petition going to make Bulgari Black the official scent of the NHL?

Bulgari Black is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml. 

Bravo Black!

Black was the first niche fragrance I was introduced to, and it's still the one I turn to when I want something slightly edgy, slightly slinky. It's magical as it evolves into a soothing smokiness. Simply wonderful!

Re: Bravo Black

You've nailed it! What a great way of describing it and what a great entree into the niche world. Welcome.

Strangest smelling fragrance

Wish I knew the name of it. I've smelled it only a few times over the years - like a tangy insect repellent, only it's not.

Congrats on new site!

Bulgari Black

Black was a nice surprise... one of my favourite scents!

Well at first I though rubber

Well at first I though rubber was going to be a strange addition...
but in the end, it was probably the best and most intriguing part of the scent as a whole!


I love Black!
My brother wears it and it smells great on him. I've tried it on my skin and it is completely different! Nobody could think I'm wearing the same perfume and it doesn't smell like a men perfume on me!

Fracas de Robert Piguet

This is totally right. All skins are not the same and react differently to a perfume. When I was a kid, my mother used to wear Fracas de Robert Piguet. I remember a particular smell that I cannot find when I wear this same perfume. Is it the way her skin reacted to it or simply my memories as a child ?