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Fougère Bengale - Tiger, tiger, burning bright....

It’s that transitional time of year when I know warmer weather is coming, I just don’t know when. I nudge nature a long a bit by taking the cover off the BBQ and putting the Muskoka chairs out on the deck. Looking good. Gotta get those hanging flower baskets hung. Need to fish my sunglasses out of the purse I was using last summer…. OK, now I’m ready for the warm weather. Anytime now. Waiting. Still waiting. Where is the heat?

Who wants to sit on the deck with a cool glass of prosecco in the cool? And who wants to putter in the garden wearing a jacket? Sigh. Time to get serious.

The best way to turn up the heat is to get out the Fougère Bengale. Designed to conjure up Bengalese tiger hunts way back in the colonial day, it opens with the hunters – a hit of lavender representing the scent they would have worn, along with leather and tobacco, while notes of hay and long grass give it a sense of place. Animalic notes bring the tigers, while ginger, patchouli and tonka bean add a sensuous exoticism to the scent.

I’m not gonna lie  - I’ve never been on a tiger hunt, so I can’t tell you if this EDP nails the experience, but I can tell you that this rich, deep, seductive scent is full of jungle heat, and without being overpowering, it glows warmly on the skin. It makes me wanna go on a tiger hunt.

Labelled a masculine, I wear it when I want a little heat.

Fougère Bengale is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.


Tiger Hunts

I certainly don't support tiger hunts (endangered species list!) but I think I'd like to try smelling like one. I wonder if anyone will tell me the smell is familiar? I'll have to raise my eyebrows at them and say a prayer for the tigers.

I'm with you all the way on

I'm with you all the way on this one KFPB!
Part of the fun of sampling these niche scents is that they create a feeling or a memory that is different from what we usually expect from fragrance.
And, I'm fairly certain that no tigers were harmed during the process of making  this fragrance.

I often heard that there are

I often heard that there are two kinds of perfumes: winter perfumes and summer perfumes. Winter scents are supposed to be rich and spicy whereas summer perfumes are light and fresh.
What do you think?

Re: I often heard that there are

There are all kinds of 'rules' about what to wear and when to wear it. "Blue with green should never be seen" or you shouldn't wear white after Labour Day.
For me, scent can be so evocative that I feel it is important that it suit your mood more than the season.
Rules can be restricting - mix it up a bit I say - why not spice up a summer's day with something rich or bring a bit of lightness to a dark winter's day?
If you have good taste, you can make your own rules.