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Dzing! – Went the strings of my heart

Image - - Le Cirque - painting by George Seurat, 1891 - Musee d'Orsay, Paris

I’m always intrigued by scents that are inspired by events from the past, like Fougere Bengale, which was inspired by tiger hunts, and Dzing! which was inspired by the circus. Dzing! is the work of Olivia Giacobetti for L’Artisan and was launched in 1999. It was originally called Désir de Cirque.

Ahhh, the circus! When I was growing up it was a really big deal when my father took us kids to the circus. I don’t remember much about it; I just remember the sensory overload. Three rings, cracking whips, noise, exotic animals, beautiful costumes, crowds, too much popcorn, pop and candy - Dzing! isn’t like that.

It opens with a leather/rubber accord that brings Bulgari Black to mind. These are joined by spiciness from ginger and saffron and muted floral notes of rose. Tonka bean and vanilla add a sweet candy-ish note, then castoreum beaks through, to add an animalic note, while iris gives it a touch of skankiness. Woods and musk at the drydown are sheer, not heavy. It is a beautifully balanced scent - it doesn’t smell too dirty, too green, too animalic, or too sweet – and on the skin it evolves into a soft, elegant fragrance.

The circus of my youth was full of spectacle, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ but when I had my own son, I wanted something smaller and more accessible for him so each year I would take him to the Shriner’s Circus when it came to town.

One small tent with a great view no matter where you sat, one ring, live animals, graceful acrobats, clowns and of course, too much popcorn, pop and candy. I think the lack of spectacle allowed us to take more of it in and now that my son has grown, these are the circus memories I have held on to – popcorn, elephant rides, clowns, tigers, horses, candy apples, beautiful women in sequined outfits, straw beneath our feet. Dzing! may have been inspired by a circus, and it may evoke memories of a circus, but it doesn’t smell like one – who wants to smell like a circus for cryin’ out loud? It’s a gorgeous, chic, unique fragrance perfect anytime anywhere.

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