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Wonderwood – If you go down to the woods today......(August 4, 2010 New Fragrance Listing)

Comme des Garçons fragrances are never dull. Maybe it’s because they come from a design house, maybe it’s because they comes from an edgy design house, but I find their fragrances always interesting and many of them FBW.

They had me with Comme des Garçons original  - what a beauty! – and kept it up throughout the years through some interesting collaborations  (Monocle, Artek) and individual efforts. Their latest fragrance, Wonderwood by Antoine Lie, who also did Daphne and 888 for CdG, gives us what we want – wood, wood and more wood! And just in case you miss the point, the good people at CdG have put together a video about the fragrance. You can see it here:

So, what does Wonderwood smell like? Wonder-full-bottle-worthy!

I bought my bottle last week and have been wearing nothing else since. OK, clothes, but no other frags – it’s just that good.

It starts out with a bergamot blast that yields quickly to warm pepper, incense and spicy nutmeg. Then, the woods start to really show up –  gaiacwood, cedar and slight sweetness from caraway and a floral note from cristalon round out the woods and give the fragrance a fullness and a fleshiness that is so, so sensual. And frankly, I’d be happy if it ended here, but it doesn’t – it gets better. Oud, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver at the base just take you deeper into the woods.
Beautifully blended and smooth, this EDP is labeled a masculine, but women should wear it, commes de garçons.

Wonderwood is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.