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Sniffing Around Sample Pack

In the web perfume universe, there are a lot of blogs, and some sites which sell samples, but is unique because we do both.

You can’t describe what we write as being perfume reviews, because we’re way too subjective – we’re really just writing stories about the scents we love and own, to share our experiences. You could however, describe Gwen and me as fixated on, obsessive about, addicted to, totally NUTS and 100% gaga, about perfume. Our hope is that our stories will inspire you to try some of our special niche scents yourself, opening the door to new experiences, and a whole new sensory world you don’t even know exists.

We’re pretty clear about the possibility of addiction (in a good way), and it seems one of our readers has opened the perfume door and started down this these comments from Sniffing Around, posted on our blogs this past week:

“...what I'm enjoying most about all of this sniffing around is that I'm learning to really smell. Really, really smell--and in an interesting way, it's making me pay more attention to my other senses as well. Which is kind of neat.”


“....I'm new to this sniffin' stuff, and if you'd told me I'd favour scents with this much woodiness and sort of antiseptic cleanliness, I'd have said not on your life. But they're amazing! And then, on Saturday, I sampled Stephen Jones' CdG fragrance--holy violet meteor, Batman! Now that was unexpected--and completely amazing....."


“If you had told me a couple of months ago (before I was introduced to the world of REAL perfume and became an addict!) that I would swoon when someone said a perfume had a hint of black pepper, I'd have said you were nuts. Then I was introduced to Piper Nigrum. And now I'm going to have to try Sens et Bois (with cedar!! heaven!!). Is there a support group for this? Oh wait...I think this is it... ;)”

WOW – she gets it! So, to get you started on your scent journey, and in honour of our new niche devotee, we’ve created the.............

Sniffing Around Sample Pack - Four special niche scents in .7ml decants which will start you sniffing around, and maybe going down the perfume path yourself.

This special pack is priced at $10.99, regular price $16.00. Regular shipping charges and tax ( Canada only) apply. Click on the Customer Service tab to see shipping rates. The special price on this pack is in effect until September 15th, 2010.

Acqua di Colonia by Santa Maria Novella. Made for Catherine de Medici on the occasion of her marriage to Henry ll, this cologne is perfect any time of year, and it really is fit for a queen. Notes are lemon citrus, white florals, spices.

Bulgari Black by Bulgari. Black is one of the all time great scents...... a very distinctive scent. Whenever I wear it, and I wear it a lot, I get noticed – in a good way. Notes are tea, cedar, rosewood, amber.

Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo Villoresi is built on contradictions....warm and spicey from the pepper, cool and green from the mint. Notes are mint, black pepper, anise, fennel, clove, balsam, cedar, amber.

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons is the fragrance for people who love woods. A fleshy, sensual scent, it is unforgettable. Notes are bergamot, pepper, incense, gaïacwood, cedar, caraway, oud, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver.

You can read more about these great fragrances in the Sniffing Around Sample Pack by clicking on either our Blogs or the Fragrance Descriptions, then buy this special pack, and give them a try!

Sniff, sniff, sniff – learn to really smell, explore your senses.......and start your journey!

DISCLAIMER: is not responsible for any obsessions, or addictions, resulting from repeated spraying, dabbing or sniffing perfume.


Wow! I'm honoured!

Thanks Gwen and Kay! I'm thrilled to have a sample pack created in my honour! That's very, very cool. Thank you!

Re: WOW! I'm honoured

You're thrilled - we're thrilled!!! We're thrilled that you're experiencing what we did when we first started sniffing- it's so much fun! And no amount of reading about it, or talking about it, can give you the sensation of actually smelling these works of art. You just have to do it - a lot!. Happy sniffing......