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Vive l'Empereur

place des vosges

Place des Vosges is a quiet neighbourhood square on the Right Bank in Paris - several uniform rows of trees, neatly tended paths, and a large sandbox for young children. On the east side in the arcade is the Christian Louis boutique, which sells the many perfumes and room scents made by this master perfumeur. I'd never heard of him - his fragrances are not distributed much outside of France, to my knowledge.
He's a story teller, and each scent he creates is about a place, person or experience in his life. The SA explained that the fragrance I bought, Vive l'Empereur, was inspired by the painting of Napoleon on horseback, wearing the grey frock coat. It represents the smell of battle - of dirt, grass, saddles, horses, cannon powder. It is the smell of victory.
There's not much information listed about the components in the perfumes.The Vive l'Empereur top notes are listed as "woods" - I think I detect cedar and balsam pine, as well as bitter orange and boozy notes - Napoleon brandy, I would assume.These woods have been blasted by cannons - smoke is in the mix,too. 
The leather heart starts to develop, and soon takes centre stage - this is most definitely a leather that has confidence - Big Leather! Before it overwhelms, the amber base does its work, adding a bit of sweetness to the long, slightly powdery drydown,..........but the wood and  leather heart beats strongly to the end.
This is a full, rich scent, with a confident character - Vive l'Empereur!!!
Notes: citrus, woods, leather, spice, amber
Type: EDP
Parfumeur: Christian Louis

Price: $5.00