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I admit it. I have a sentimental connection to the French costume jewelry brand Réminiscence. It’s tied to my memories of holidays on the French Riviera. One year, my sister joined us on a vacation to Antibes. There were long lazy days spent swimming and sunbathing at the beach, buying what we needed for salade niçoise at the market, and shopping at the Réminiscence store in Juan-les-Pins.
We would leave the store carrying our booty back to the apartment in their signature aqua bags and wearing our newly acquired boho beach jewelry and perfumes every day for the rest of the vacation.

We still have that jewelery and wear it once in a while on hot summer days, when we get together for a glass of rosé with ice and, well, reminisce. But it’s their fragrances that really bring those Riviera memories back to me, because that’s what scent does best for me – evoke memories.

Still, I’m no sentimental fool when it comes to buying fragrances. They have to stand on their own merit to earn my money. And White Tubéreuse by Réminiscence does.

Launched in 2014 by, White Tubéreuse is part of the Historie De Fleurs Collection, along with its sister fragrance Love Rose. A beautiful, summer tuberose, it opens with a nose-tingling sparkle that introduces a note of sweet, floral ylang ylang. The rich banana facets of ylang ylang make the opening tropical and summery. The ylang ylang leads to a heart of tuberose that’s creamy, fatty, fruity and fleshy. This is not a loud, diva tuberose in a too-short mini skirt and stiletto heels but it’s not a tamed or muted tuberose either. It’s heady and erotic all right, but it’s tasteful - a tuberose that any age can wear.

If you love tuberose, you’ll love this phase, but you’ll love it more when cinnamon gives it a warm hum. Tuberose and cinnamon? Oh, yeah. Sounds a bit odd, sounds a bit strange but whoever put these two together is a genius…oh, wait that would be Fabrice Pellegrin of Firmenich! Over time, the cinnamon fades, but the tuberose stays and settles on a woody/musky base and dries down to a creamy, smooth skin scent. And, being an EdP concentration, it lasts and lasts, keeping those summer memories alive.

White Tubéreuse has a carefree, easygoing attitude that is in line with the Réminiscence brand. It doesn’t evolve much and it isn’t demanding. It’s just an olfactory expression of pleasure. And, while I associate it most with memories of summer, it really can be worn any time of year.

In fact, writing this now reminds me that now would be a good time to spritz on a little White Tubéreuse, pour myself a glass of rosé and enjoy the lingering days of summer.

White Tubéreuse is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.


"Quand Vient la Pluie" packaging - guerlainperfume.blogspot - photo by Druot


We had an unscheduled re-arrangement of our perfume shelves last week, in our attempt to locate a fragrance for a recent order.

“I think YOU have it.”

“It’s not on my list – it’s definitely yours”

“I can’t find it”

“It HAS to be there!”

Long story short, it was there, but the frustrating search for the missing bottle also led to a hugely wonderful discovery.

We thought we’d sold the last of one of our coveted Limited Editions, Quand Vient la Pluie from Guerlain, which is now discontinued and not replaceable. Hidden at the back of a shelf we found the re-fill bottle that originally came with the little glass raindrop bottle in the leaf-etched glass block (see picture above and packaging description below), and so we are now listing this very special EdP once again in our Decant Store.

Here’s part of my description from my post of March 2011 so you can understand why we’re so happy about our discovery (click here to read the original - I've updated this post somewhat):

Quand Vient la Pluie is a 2007 release from Guerlain, created by Thierry Wasser, now Creative Director and Perfumer for Guerlain, which was inspired by Jacques Guerlain’s early 20th century floral masterpiece, Après l’Ondée.

Luca Turin in Perfumes The Guide states that Après l'Ondée is - "one of the twenty greatest perfumes of all time" - a "heavenly heliotrope", and Guerlain describes it as a powdery floral which “evokes a stroll through dewy underbrush - misty pastel shades celebrate the weather after the rain - discreet".

Après l'Ondée opens with almondy violet notes, pale and spring-like, and then becomes more haunting as the iris note starts to emerge. Aniseed and a whiff of pepper from carnation, then herbs - thyme, rosemary and sage - give this scent weight. To me, the scent smells like it is made from the earth –the natural scents of  twigs, roots, leaves and blossoms – and then touched by soft raindrops and lifted into air. It’s so intriguing, very restrained, and very, very lovely.

Quand Vient la Pluie, also a floral, pays tribute to its famous predecessor with similar notes in the heart, but it opens with a vibrant citrus-herbal-floral accord of bergamot and rosemary, green jasmine, and sweet orange blossom, aromatic and swoon-worthy as is dries into the heart. Dark purple violet and heliotrope, haunting and wistful, are the hommage to Après l'Ondée, but this gorgeous floral heart soon expands with the addition of almondy praline and hints of cinnamon.

Never veering into gourmand, the spicy burnt-sugar nuttiness adds depth and richness to the soft floral accord, and in the base, damp earthy patchouli and soft skin-scented musk blend with the spiced sweetness, giving Quand Vient la Pluie its lovely bones and curves, and transform it into a lush and sensuous fragrance.

Après l’Ondée is classic and beautiful - pale, ethereal, weightless, cerebral, like a painting of refined feminine sensibility from an earlier time.  Quand Vient la Pluie is contemporary and beautiful - warm, earthy, rooted, and visceral, today’s woman in the flesh. It is, in a word…gorgeous.

Quand Vient la Pluie is listed in our Decant Store. It is a Limited Edition EdP - the scent is no longer available from Guerlain. Decants are $18.00 for 1 ml.

A description of the packaging from Basenotes:

“… Instead of coming in a bottle, QVLP is offered as part of a sculptural presentation. A large block of crystal, the bottom of which is etched like a tree's leaf, contains a removable (and refillable) 'bubble sprayer' (in which the perfume sits) that rests in the crystal. To the eye the sculpture presents an interpretive "drop of liquid sitting on a leaf" - meshing with the name of the fragrance as well as further connecting itself to Après L'ondée ("after the showers"). Truly a unique piece of visual art that both accompanies the artistry of the perfume as well as looks fantastic on the shelf among the other Guerlains....”


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