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Sunny warmer days, tweeting birds…. it’s springtime! People are out and about sans scarves and gloves, more skin is showing, more eye contact being made….cabin fever morphs into spring fever.

Men, it’s time to get busy!  Are you ready? Cause if you aren’t, you are going to miss out and no one hates FOMO more than we do.

As always, we’ve got you covered – covered in fabulous spring scents. Here, just for you, are four fragrances that will kick-start your libido and reboot your mojo! It’s Spring!

Men’s Spring Pack 2019

Four I ml. decants, regular $21.00 for $17.00

1805 Tonnerre - BeauFort London

“Tonnerre” means thunder in English and this EdP imagines the Battle of Trafalgar. Hey, love is a battlefield!  Smoky, boozy, and piney, 1805 Tonnerre dries down to a ghostly, ethereal scent. For moody romantics…warriors and poets and lovers…

L’Eau Guerrière  - Parfumerie Générale

Need some Warrior Water? We recommend the kind that Pierre Guillaume makes: L’Eau Guerrière, PG20 which he describes as “modern, and raw, an eau infused with dry woods”. The one that is fresh, resinous, woody, earthy, grassy, transparent, musky, and blatantly sexy. 

Sandalo – Lorenzo Villloresi

Sandalo is an ode to the sandalwood note right from the opening punch. With its sensual musky dry-down, so different from other sandalwoods, Sandalo by the award-winning Italian perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi, is magnetic, addictive, arresting. Guys, step out of your safe zone, be adventurous. Try this one. 

Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Signature – Salvatore Ferragamo

This is not for knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. This is a confident, refined, seductive manly scent that’s earthy, spicy and just a little sweet, but it’s the soft, supple leather note that causes the “lean in”. Irresistible!

Men’s Spring Pack 2019 is listed in our Decant Store. Four 1 ml. decants, regular $21.00 for $17.00.



Salvatore Ferragamo headquarters - Palazzo Spini Feroni, Florence, Italy

We had just finished lunch on the Left Bank and were meandering back to the apartment.

“OK, the last thing I want to buy before we go home is a bottle of Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Signature,” he said.

“Well, Paris is the place to buy fragrance,” I replied. And with that, we were on a mission. I had some ideas about where we could snap up a bottle, but wherever we went no one had heard about it.

Strolling along, I asked, “How did you hear about Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Signature?”

“Oh, Jim was given a sample at a big fancy-schmancy event back home. He raves about it, so I thought I’d bring him a bottle from Paris as a gift for his birthday next month,” he replied.

The search continued. We walked, we hunted, we tracked…. nothing. A fragrance from an Italian luxury goods company shouldn’t be that hard to find. I was stumped. At one point, we had to stop for a glass of wine and frites. Refreshed, we pressed on.

Then, while walking down Rue des Saints-Pères, we saw it: a Salvatore Ferragamo store. Hoping for the best, we went inside. We looked around the shop, hoping to see a bottle on display, when we were approached by a salesman.  After an exchange of obligatory ‘bonjours’, we asked him if they Uomo Signature. His face lit, up as he replied “Yes, I have it. We just received it in the store this morning.” With the juice bought, and beautifully wrapped, we went back to the apartment and made it just in time for cocktails. Rummaging through the Salvatore Ferragamo bag between sips, we noticed that the salesman had included few decants of Uomo Signature with our purchase.

“Let’s see if Uomo Signature was worth the effort,” I said, spritzing myself with one of small atomizers.

It opened with tart grapefruit and juicy mandarin. The citruses were bright, elegant and aromatic. Pink peppercorn softens the fruits with its gentle rosiness so that the fragrance kept drawing me in. As it bloomed, it got dark, warm and spicy from cardamom and cinnamon, and deliciously woody and balsamy from cypress. No doubt about it, this was a masculine scent – rich and bold. Yet, the sweet aspects of the cardamom and cinnamon temper Uomo Signature, stopped it from becoming a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal by making it confident and dynamic.

If the opening drew me in, the heart notes held me spellbound. Tonka bean bridged the heart and base notes by adding sweetness, depth and spice to the EdP. The sweetness was matched by the smell of rich, dark roasted coffee. Earthy, woody patchouli made an appearance but didn’t dominate, it just added to the allure. The house of Salvatore Ferragamo specializes in shoes and leather goods, and a lithe leather note is a nod to that and gave Uomo Signature a soft, suppleness that that made the scent magnetic. I simply yielded to it.

So, was the search worth it? Yep - every time I caught a whiff of that refined, manly, seductive dry down, getting my husband his own bottle the next day was no effort at all.

Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Signature is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

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