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Throughout the years that I’ve been writing about perfume, I’ve noticed that patchouli is one of those a love it or hate notes. I happen to love it. I love its rich, earthy, smoky, sweet, spicy balsamy, woody scent. And with so many fabulous aspects, a good perfumer can really get creative with it. I am reminded of this every time I wear Intrigant Patchouli 08 from French indie line Pierre Guillaume Paris.
Intrigant Patchouli 08 was created by self-taught perfumer Pierre Guillaume in 2005. M. Guillaume worked as a chemist in his family’s business before he became interested in artistic expression in fine perfumery. In 2002 he launched Parfumerie Générale. Later he added two other lines to this brand: Huitième Art Parfums and in Phaedon Paris. Today, all his fragrances from these lines are under the Pierre Guillaume Paris trademark.
I own several fragrances by M. Guillaume, but Intrigant Patchouli 08 was the first one I bought, and its hold over me hasn’t weekend.
On me, it opens with a nose-tingling note of spicy, bracing ginger and tart citrus notes of juicy, sweet mandarin, aromatic lemon and vibrant citron. As the citrus brightness fades, the top settles into a warm, fruity sweetness with powdery undertones that read elegant and chic. The piney aspect of the ginger connects to a note of earthy, sweet patchouli. Warm and leathery civet and castoreum show up. Perfectly balanced and in harmony, they give the patchouli an animalic depth that is just sublime. Before long, creamy, woody and sweet-tinged, Mysore sandalwood moves into the mix. It highlights the rich, balsamy, woody aspects of the patchouli. The dirty aspect of patchouli, which was never very pronounced, is even less noticeable now. Benzoin sends resinous curls up from the base notes, where musk benzoin amps up the sensuality of Intrigant Patchouli 08 with a sensual undertone. Amber, vanilla and honey play their parts - amber adds warmth and depth, honey gives it a sticky sweetness, and vanilla makes it cozy and just a little boozy.
The Pierre Guillaume Paris website says that the inspiration for Intrigant Patchouli 08 was “The transformation of a bohemian wood into an elegant and complex elixir inspired by the Chypres of the 40s.” To me, Intrigant Patchouli 08 is less a ‘counterculture’ patchouli and more of a complex patchouli fragrance that manages to be seductive, elegant and surprisingly soft without compromising the patchouli’s personality.
This is a patchouli that was made to be worn and enjoyed.
Intrigant Patchouli 08 is in our Decant Store. Decants are $6.00.

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