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"Il Nostro Chinotto" - Wikimedia Commons - by romainbehar, Feb.14, 2019

Italians love their chinotto. I'm talking about citrus myrtifolia, of course, a compact tree that is native to southeastern Asia and now grows all over Italy, but primarily in Liguria and the south. The tree is part of the citrus family and bears a sour, bitter fruit that resembles a small orange. The fruit is best known by its Italian name, chinotto (pronounced kee-NO-toe), a diminutive of Cina ("China"), a reference to the fruit's origin.

So, just how much do Italians love chinotto? The trees are planted in gardens and on terraces in pots and containers. Wherever it can be grown, it is. And even though the fruit is eye-wateringly bitter, the flesh fibrous and seedy with little juice, Italians make the most of it. They use chinotto in marmalades, jams, marinades, chutneys and teas. They eat it with bread, cheese, fish, poultry and rice dishes. They candy it whole for a sweet treat at Christmas.

And they drink it. Chinotto is the key ingredient in Amari, those bitter Italian herbal liqueurs, like Cynar and Campari – think Spritz al Campari. But you most likely know chinotto from the popular carbonated Italian soft drink called Chinotto. Known as the Coca-Cola of Italy, Chinotto isn't as sweet and more bitter than Coke, and I wager there isn't an Italian bar, restaurant, trat or store anywhere in the world that doesn't offer Chinotto.

You can grow chinotto, you can eat chinotto and you can drink chinotto. Still, my favourite way to experience it is when I wear Fior di Chinotto parfum, from Italian niche line Abaton, a family perfumery located in Savona, Liguria, in northern Italy.

The Abaton website tells their story: 'Over 300 years ago, the Chinotto plant was brought to Savona from China by a Savonese sailor. The unique climate created by the proximity of the mountains to the sea made Savona the perfect environment for this plant to thrive, and this charming Italian town became its new home. The bitter citrus of the plant came to be highly regarded among navigators, who believed it was an amulet that protected them from diseases and danger on the high seas.'

Marco Abaton, a perfumer, has created three fragrances centred on chinotto essential oil from fruit grown on his family's farms. For me, the best of the three is Fior di Chinotto.

It begins with a bright, effervescent note of bitter orange, softened with a note of sweet juicy tangerine making the opening pretty and feminine. I settle right into it. Soon, a note of Damask rose wafts up to my nose. It's lush and a little powdery. I fall further into it and pick up the scent orange flowers – rich, heady and jasmine-tinged. Fruity notes support the flowers, giving them more depth and dimension. The heart blooms with more white flowers: indolic, opulent jasmine and heady, voluptuous tuberose flanked by a note of chinotto flowers that are citrusy, sweet and aromatic - they round out the white flowers beautifully. Patchouli contributes a green earthiness, while cedarwood gives it a soft woodiness. A kiss of honey adds just a lick of sweetness that leads to a note of sweet, warm amber. White musk adds a touch of warmth and sensuality that takes the fragrance from feminine to womanly, while precious woods give Fior di Chinotto a beautiful finish.

The drydown is refined and sensual, with those white flowers staying right to the end, with nothing to eclipse them. It's the intermingling of the creamy and luxurious flowers, especially in the parfum concentration, that made me realize this is the white floral I've always wanted but didn't know it until I smelled Fior di Chinotto.

Fior di Chinotto is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $7.00 for 1 ml.


Hiram Green "Vetiver" - image

Question: What do you get when you combine Hiram Green and vetiver?

Answer: Magic.

Hiram Green is an immensely talented perfumer who is self-taught, a Canadian now settled in the Netherlands who creates the most extraordinary natural fragrances built around single notes. 

Moon Bloom is tuberose, Slowdive is honey, Arbolé Arbolé is woods, Hyde is leather (birchtar), Dilletante is orange blossom, and Vivacious is violets. And his just-released 2021 fragrance, Vetiver, is…VETIVER. A deep aromatic dive into a note which is one of my most very favourite perfume notes. 

You know about vetiver. An extraordinary tall fragrant grass sourced from the hot climates of Java and Haiti, a classic note used by perfumers for decades for its distinctive green woody scent and fixative properties. You know that it is a complex note - how the Haitian version smells bright and fresh, very green with citrusy or spicy overtones, the Java version more moody, earthy green and woody with smoky bitter overtones. You know that vetiver is used in both women’s and men’s fragrances, how it’s like a chameleon, and can blend effortlessly with florals or woods or resins to form brilliant accords.

You can read our descriptions of Guerlain VetiverVetiver Oriental by Serge Lutens, Encre Noire by LaliqueCouer de Vetiver Sacré from L’Artisan ParfumeurVetiver Extraordinaire by Frederic MalleVetiver Insolent by Miller Harris, all superb scents featuring vetiver as the star ingredient, some of which are now regarded as classic scents. Hiram Green Vetiver is 100% natural, a blend of Haitian and Java absolute oils, and it’s a vetiver that is in a class by itself. 

Vetiver has a big bold vigorous start with its green limey citrus opening, shot through with the firey heat of fresh-grated ginger, an intense aromatic accord which subsides slowly, revealing more of the pure fresh greenness of Haitian vetiver. Into the heart, the Java vetiver emerges to stand side by side, dark green and earthy with woody aromas licked with smoke.  The two grass notes entwine and twist together slowly, langorously, wafting their exotic damp green-ness and the effect is pure bliss.

As Vetiver dries down and the base notes emerge, its character shifts slowly into a soft warmth, sweetened with the perfumed woody aroma of cedarwood resins, subtly accented with the sublime muskiness of ambrette seed with its soft whiff of tender florals and distinctive nutty warmth. And the ginger spice floats past, this time sweetened with a honeyed beeswax, trailed by faint wisps of smoke..Vetiver now has an elegance about it, a charming and mellow waft that keeps my nose on constant alert while its scent lingers for hours. describes Vetiver:

“…This spicy and woody fragrance is what we imagine heartthrobs of Hollywood’s golden age smelled like: elegant and charming, yet vigorous and adventuresome..."

Male heartthrobs or female heartthrobs? Hiram doesn’t say. His Vetiver may have been inspired by iconic actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age but it’s clear he created this fragrance for twenty-first century perfume lovers, regardless of how they identify. Bold suave elegance for the masculine, spicy smoky elegance for the feminine, in a single fragrance. Vetiver is complex and totally unique.

His vetiver fragrance is so unusual and different I can’t imagine anyone resisting its sensual appeal. Try it, and take a deep aromatic dive into Vetiver

Vetiver is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $8.00 for 1 ml.


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