About perfumeniche

Try and buy decants from fragrances

I’m Gwen, a perfumista and fragrance collector who lives in Toronto, Canada.

I’ve been collecting perfumes for over 25 years. What started out as an interest grew into a hobby and has now become an obsession. I’ve tested and tried hundreds of fragrances over the years, and when I’ve discovered a fragrance I love, I’ve tracked it down and bought it. I now own a lot of really great perfumes and continue to buy bottles of what I think are the best of "niche" scents as new ones are launched.

My collection of perfumes ranges from "classics" that are the foundations of modern perfumery to discontinued, vintage, natural and hard-to-find fragrances that fit perfectly in the niche category.

I started this website to let others try and buy decants from fragrances and to offer them the opportunity to buy partial and full bottles of fragrances from my extensive personal collection.

I am not a retailer, wholesaler or distributor of perfumes.

I only sell decants from the perfumes I've purchased.... because I love them.

I don't re-sell manufacturers' samples.

I don’t represent any perfumers or distributors, so I don’t have every scent from a perfume line.

I’m not paid to promote any product or scent.

My blog

In Fragrance Journal I write about most of the scents from my collection and add them to the Shop, where you can buy 1 ml decants of them. I’m not a scent critic, so you won’t find negative reviews. I write about fragrances I love - that’s why I bought them! But I do describe how I think they smell and share stories about why I love them. Maybe you’ll rediscover an old flame or fall in love with a new scent.

What we sell

Through the Shop, you'll have access to some of the world’s greatest niche scents, hard-to-find fragrances and classic favourites. You’ll find decants, partial bottles and full bottles on offer.

About decants

We sell decants in only one size: 1 ml decant in a glass vial. That's 0.7 ml volume once you allow for the stopper in the vial. I take the fragrance from its original bottle and decant it into smaller, brand-new, 1 ml sterilized glass vials so that you can try it on your skin to see if you like it.

Our decants are made from authentic fragrances purchased personally by me directly from reputable perfume stores, distributors and online shops. None of the fragrances we decant from or sell have been bought through a second party (i.e., purchased from a friend). They are 100% authentic.

We sell partial bottles (splits): These are bottles from my collection that have been opened and used for decanting, so they aren’t full and are often unboxed, but they don’t cost as much as a new full box, and sometimes it’s the only way to buy any quantity of a discontinued fragrance.

We sell full bottles: We have full bottles of rare and hard-to-find fragrances. Some are unboxed and some are fully packaged.

So, take a look around Perfumeniche. You might just find your next favourite scent. Thanks for dropping by.



Founder, perfumeniche, located in Toronto, Canada


This new shop for perfumeniche was launched in October 2023. It’s a true labour of love that might not have happened if it weren’t for the help and assistance of a number of friends and associates. I'd like to publicly thank and acknowledge Michael Fox for website design, Shopify guidance and expert business advice; Beckie Fox for editing, handholding and being a steadfast friend; Gary Hall for the gorgeous logo design; Kathleen Conway for her unwavering support and encouragement; and Sharon Snow for always being there. And thanks to my wonderful husband, Keith, who always smells great!