Terms of service


I am not a retailer, wholesaler or distributor of perfumes.

Decants can’t be put back into the bottle. Decants, partial bottles and full bottles of discontinued or vintage fragrances are irreplaceable. There is no distributor or manufacturer for me to get a refund from on damaged products.

All products are final sale. We do not offer any exchanges, replacements or reimbursements on any products bought on perfumeniche.

Every effort will be made to make certain your order is packaged with care to ensure its safe arrival. With partial and full bottles, realize that you’re buying it as-is. Sometimes unopened bottles of vintage fragrances will have dogeared boxes or some of the perfume may have evaporated and the bottle is half full. Once you buy it, it’s yours. Note, there are NO REFUNDS ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.

We may consider a credit or refund in unusual circumstances, such as the unlikely event that samples leak or break during shipping. If there is a problem or damage due to shipping, kindly let us know and we’ll work with you to resolve it. Please do not file a claim with your credit company or PayPal without contacting us first.

If damage occured during shipping, please take photos and contact us by e-mail within 4 days of receipt and we will review your issue. If this requires the return of damaged products, you will be responsible for shipping costs.

Finally, perfumeniche assumes no responsibility or liability beyond the cost of the perfume samples purchased for any injury or damages that may occur due to scent allergies, broken glass, etc.

So, if you open your perfumeniche.com package and broken samples leak all over your new silk dress, we aren't going to pay to replace your dress, or for dry-cleaning the dress, etc.


Perfumeniche has never lost an order. An order may take a while to arrive, but it always shows up. When people haven’t received their package it’s because they put the wrong address in the order form.

Please note, when placing an order:

Review the product(s) chosen to purchase.

Review your personal information, such as contact information, billing address, and mailing address, apartment/ suite number, before confirming your order.

If you hit “Buy” and realize you made an error in your address, please email me ASAP and I’ll correct your error.

For undelivered products returned to perfumeniche due to the wrong delivery address or change of address after a delivery attempt, products could be delivered again with an additional delivery fee.