Blog post by Gwen

Sel Marin – fresh and bracing and green

Photo: perfumeniche

A while ago, I attended a perfume meet-up at a Toronto perfume store.

It was a great event that allowed me to meet fellow scent lovers face-to-face, share samples, thoughts and points of view – all the things we support and promote here at perfumeniche.

This was  how I was introduced to Heeley perfumes. Over time, Heeley has become one of my favourite lines. I like the scope of a line that includes the floral Ophelia and camphorous Esprit du Tigre. But my current fave, the one I keep going back to these past few weeks is Sel Marin.

It has a citrus/bergamot opening that is fresh and bracing; as it blooms, a gentle saltiness appears alongside a greenness from algae that evokes the sea perfectly. At the base, vetiver gives it backbone while cedar and birch give it woodiness – not a warm woodiness, but a deep, damp conifer forest woodiness. To my nose, it is the smell of the sea side – not sea, sand, sun and sweat of a beach - but a cool, calm, contemplative siren call of a scent that is unmatched in niche perfumery.

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