Blog post by Gwen

Carnal Flower – luscious and fleshy and seductive

Image - Wikipedia - Tuberose at night - by Rayarakula, 8 Aug. 2016

I was at the gym the other day, watching other people work out, when someone came up to me and loudly said, "Carnal Flower!" Living in a big city, I’ve had lots of things shouted at me, but this was different. This was one perfumista connecting with another, those two words creating a bond so strong, so deep…we understood each other perfectly. A moment suspended in time, so profound I thought I heard a dove cry.

And what a way to bond! Carnal Flower is one of the ‘tuberose trinity’, along with Fracas and Tubéreuse Criminelle. What makes tuberose so intriguing is its dual nature. Native to hot climates, its fleshy white flowers are used in wedding ceremonies, garlands and decoration in India. In Hawaii they use it in leis. But it is at night, when the flowers bloom and release their exotic, carnal scent that the plant shows its sensuous dark side. Innocent by day, dangerous at night – that’s tuberose. What makes Carnal Flower so full bottle worthy is how the tuberose is treated.

Carnal Flower opens green and herbaceous, a real stems and leaves feel, with a citrus sparkle from bergamot and a slight fruitiness from melon. Eucalyptus gives it a slight camphor note that takes it to the heart where tuberose, fleshy, almost meaty, full and exotic appears. On warm skin, it blooms beautifully - opening up more and more, getting deeper and deeper while ylang-ylang and jasmine bolster the floral aspect of the tuberose. The base keeps the tuberose coming with tuberose absolute. Oh, oh, oh! Orange blossom adds sweetness and a light citrus touch. Coconut is here too, rich and creamy. Musk gives it an animalic note and smoothens everything out.

The tuberose shines here with everything else supporting it, extending it. Never loud or harsh, it does have presence – a luscious, fleshy, seductive, intoxicating one. I think I need a cigarette.

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