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The Limited Edition Vanilla Decant Pack

Photo: The Limited Edition Vanilla Decant Pack

I recently read that vanilla fragrances are trending big now and wondered: did they ever really go away? Not around here. I am a confirmed, decades-long devotee of fragrances where vanilla plays a starring or a supporting role.

What makes vanilla such an intriguing perfume ingredient is its versatility. It can have a sweet, custardy, cake-baking scent that feels comfy and cozy from vanillin, or it can have a rich, complex aroma that has facets of animal, milk, almond, honey, aniseed, rum, fruit, wood, balsam, and smoke from the vanilla bean. Just think of all the exciting possibilities for interpreting vanilla!

So, let me introduce my Limited Edition Vanilla Decant Pack. It contains six 1 ml. decants of outstanding vanilla fragrances by some of the most talented and creative perfumers in niche perfumery.

Vanille from Mona di Orio (Perfumer: Mona di Orio)

Launched in 2011 as part of the Les Nombres d`Or Collection, di Orio used pure vanilla in this creation, supported by notes of orange, clove, rum, vetiver, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, guaiac wood, amber and Tonka bean to create a boozy, smoky gourmand vanilla that’s a stunning standout in a crowded category.

Vaniglia from Santa Maria Novella (Perfumer: Unknown)

Santa Maria Novella fragrances tend to be straightforward, rarely conceptual or abstract. This is a well-crafted, well-balanced (not too sweet, not too smoky, not too boozy) straight-up vanilla-centric cologne that plays up different facets of the bean to create a heady, sensual, suave seducer.

Vanilla Flash from Tauerville (Perfumer: Andy Tauer)

Andy Tauer is the wild card in the pack, creating a vanilla fragrance he says he would wear. Spices, roses, tobacco, patchouli, and vanilla come together in an earthy, spicy and sexy blend. A unique interpretation of vanilla that makes it a must-try

Vanille Intense from Nicolaï Parfums (Perfumer:  Patricia de Nicolaï)

A mix of sweet/green/earthy notes with vanilla Bourbon absolue resting on a sensuous base of woods, amber, musk and patchouli makes Vanille Intense irresistibly dark and earthy.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille from Guerlain (Perfumer: Jean-Paul Guerlain)

Launched in 2007, this stunner quickly gained cult status for its treatment of the fruity/floral, smoky and woody aspects of vanilla, but it’s the boozy rum – a double shot of it – that makes it sweet, warm, sexy and absolutely intoxicating. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a spike in births in 2008.

Vanilla & Anise from Jo Malone (Perfumer: Celine Barel)

This floral/fruity gourmand fragrance highlights the anise aspect of vanilla with wild fennel and star anise and a supporting cast of neroli frangipani, orchid, clove, tuberose, jasmine, Tonka bean vetiver, and amber. It all comes together in a light-hearted fragrance that has a lovely spring/summer feel.

Each of these fragrances is available in our Shop, and if you were to buy them individually, they would total $42.00. The Limited Edition Vanilla Decant Pack is a better value at a cost of $36.00.