Park of the Monsters

Park of the Monsters

Park of the Monsters

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Fragrance family: Aromatic
Gender: For women and men
Concentration: Extrait de Parfum
Perfumer: Enrico Buccella

Launched in 2021, this is the first fragrance from the Los Angeles-based indie niche line In Fieri.

 The Founder and Creative Director of In Fieri, Italian-born American perfumer Maria Teresa Venezia, says the fragrance was inspired by “It is inspired by the dreamy childhood memories I have of the Sacro Bosco (Park of the Monsters) that really contrast with a more "adult" look at the park that is mostly a place of grief and solitude. But I wanted the happy childhood memories to guide this creation and be more relevant. The notes are inspired by the creatures you can see in the park.” She asked the incomparable Enrico Buccella to create the fragrance.

It opens with a note of lily, so heady and rich it’s mesmerizing. It feels like I’m surrounded by bouquets and bouquets of them. The lily is so full, fleshy and indolic that, at first, I thought it was tuberose. Instead, it’s something unknown to me and yet familiar. Green notes are here to add verdancy and brightness to the lily. I can’t pick out a specific green plant; rather, they suggest ferns, ivy and moss that, combined with the lily, create the impression of lush wild flora. Guaiac wood, smoky, woody, and a little sweet, is rich and adds depth and mystery to the fragrance. A note of incense, woody, smoky, resinous and sticky, highlights the floral and green top notes and keeps them in play. Spicy notes warm the fragrance, like sunshine on rocks. But what makes Park of the Monsters so stunning is the animalic musk that threads through it. It softens the lily, the greens and the woods and gives the composition a vintage feel that is undeniably sensuous. 

And as an extrait de parfum, it feels so luxurious on the skin.

Notes: lily, green notes, guaiac wood, incense, spicy notes, musk.

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