Acqua di Colonia

Acqua di Colonia

Acqua di Colonia

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Fragrance family: Citrus Aromatic
Gender: For women
Concentration: Eau de Cologne (EDC)
Perfumer: Unknown

Acqua di Colonia was created in 1553 by the fathers at Santa Maria Novella Catherine de Medici on the occasion of her marriage to Henry ll of France and came to be known as "Acqua della Regina" (Water of the Queen).

It opens with tart, bitter bergamot backed by bright, juicy Amalfi lemon. A note of fresh, floral neroli counterbalances citrus fruits and bonds to the neroli facet of sweet, fruity tangerine that gives Acqua di Colonia a luminous quality. At the heart, neroli’s lavender facet brings forward a note of aromatic lavender that’s floral, herbaceous and camphorous. Petitgrain, woody, fresh and green, joins the lavender. Clove adds spicy warmth, and rosemary echoes the camphorous aspect of the lavender. It all sits on a base of warm, sweet benzoin that hints at seduction.

The drydown is refreshing, refined and elegant, with no harshness, and it sits on the skin beautifully. There’s a real synergy between the notes and their facets as they join and intermingle and highlight each other that gives the cologne interest and depth.

Notes: bergamot, Amalfi lemon, neroli, tangerine, lavender, petitgrain, clove rosemary and benzoin.

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