Cologne Sologne
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Fragrance family: Citrus Aromatic
Gender: For women and men
Concentration: Eau de Cologne (EDC)
Perfumer: Patricia de Nicolaï

Launched in 1989 by Nicolaï Parfumeur Createur, Cologne Sologne is one of my favourite colognes. Uncomplicated, refreshing and light, colognes are an invigorating pick-me-up on hot, sticky days and have become a beauty classic for men and women in Europe.  

Colognes follow a very simple formula: alcohol containing a mixture of citrus oils, herbs and/or flowers, with a light base of woods or musk. It’s how a perfumer plays with the ingredients in the formula that makes their colognes distinctive and I love what Patricia de Nicolaï does in Cologne Sologne.

It opens with a note of biting, bitter bergamot mellowed with sweet orange and zesty lemon. It’s that addictive citrus hit I love in colognes. The citrus fruits fade, and a note of sweet, tangy Tunisian neroli comes forward. It’s plush and deliciously floral. The neroli is flanked with aromatic lavender, which adds a clean aspect to the cologne and camphorous, minty rosemary. Oh my! This is one fragrant combination! The neroli lingers to a quiet base of patchouli, benzoin, and musk.

Now, here’s the thing about Cologne Sologne that sets it apart from other colognes: the ingredients are top drawer, and they smell that way; the opening is softer than most colognes because the citrus isn’t as harsh; it actually has some development, and the base notes give it more longevity than most other colognes, making it a classic European warm weather/casual scent.

Notes: Bergamot, orange, lemon, Tunisian neroli, lavender, rosemary, patchouli, benzoin, musk.

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