Fior di Chinotto

Fior di Chinotto

Fior di Chinotto

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Fragrance family: Floral
Gender: For women
Concentration: Parfum
Perfumer: Marco Abaton

Fior di Chinotto was launched in 2018 by Italian niche line Abaton, a family perfumery located in Savona, Liguria in northern Italy.
Marco Abaton, a perfumer, has created three fragrances centred on chinotto essential oil from fruit grown on his family’s farms. For me, the best is Fior di Chinotto.

It begins with a bright, effervescent note of bitter orange, softened with a note of sweet juicy tangerine making the opening pretty and feminine. I settle right into it. Soon, a note Damask rose wafts up to my nose. It's lush and a little powdery. I fall further into it and pick up the scent orange flowers – rich, heady and jasmine-tinged. Fruity notes support the flowers, giving them more depth and dimension. The heart blooms with more white flowers: indolic, opulent jasmine and heady, voluptuous tuberose flanked by a note of chinotto flowers that are citrusy, sweet and aromatic - they round out the white flowers beautifully. Patchouli contributes a green earthiness, while cedarwood gives it a soft woodiness. A kiss of honey adds just a lick of sweetness that leads to a note of sweet, warm amber. White musk adds a touch of warmth and sensuality that takes the fragrance from feminine to womanly, while precious woods give Fior di Chinotto a beautiful finish.

The drydown is refined and sensual, with those white flowers staying right to the end, with nothing to eclipse them. It's the intermingling of the creamy and luxurious flowers, especially in the parfum concentration, that made me realize this is the white floral I've always wanted but didn't know it until I smelled Fior di Chinotto.

Notes: bitter orange, Damask Rose, fruity notes, orange flowers, jasmine, tangerine, sambac, patchouli, chinotto flowers, cedarwood, tuberose and honey, amber, white musks precious woods.

Type: Parfum

Perfumer: Marco Abaton

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Fior di Chinotto
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