M2 Black March

M2 Black March

M2 Black March

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Fragrance family: Woody Aquatic
Gender: For women and men
Concentration: Water perfume
Perfumer: Christopher Brosius

Launched in 2006 by American niche perfume line CB I Hate Perfume, M2 Black March or just Black March as it is known, is the second fragrance in the Metamorphosis Series.

CB I Hate Perfume is one of the most interesting niche perfume lines, largely because Christopher Brosius doesn't make fragrances so much as he makes scents that evoke an experience, like Black March does.

It was inspired by English poet and novelist Stevie Smith’s cryptic poem ‘Black March’. In the poem death is not feared or dreaded. It has a friendliness, with eyes “As pretty and bright/As raindrops on black twigs/In March” and in the last lines says: “I am a breath of fresh air/a change for you.”

I’m not gonna go all Poetry 101 on you. I just want to wear and enjoy Black March.

It opens gently with fresh and green with a hint of a soft floral note. Soon, a strong, clean aquatic note appears – it smells like rain. In a little while it starts to smell of wet twigs, branches and bark. Then, it starts to smell of dirt – not earthy, just mossy, clean, rain-soaked earth.

Black March isn’t constructed like other perfumes, with definite notes per se. Instead, it is a series of accords that create an experience: the death or winter– the snow has melted, plants, trees and the ground are just thawed – and the tremulous beginnings of spring – a rain fall, the smell of wet leaves, wet trees and wet earth and a hint of the flowers to come.

I have been captivated with this fragrance since I first smelled it and wear it in spring of course, but also in summer because I love the way its tender freshness confronts summer’s heat.

Black March, like many other CB I Hate Perfume fragrances is available in two concentrations: perfume absolute, which is oil based and water perfume which is, well, water based. I prefer the water perfume for Black March as it better suits the concept and for me it’s just easier to wear, especially in warm weather.

Notes: Rain drops, leaf buds, wet twigs, tree sap, bark, mossy earth, flower buds.

Type: Water perfume (similar to an EdT)

Parfumeur: Christopher Brosius


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