Premier Figuier Extrême

Premier Figuier Extrême

Premier Figuier Extrême

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Fragrance family: Woody Aromatic
Gender: For women and men
Concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Perfumer: Olivia Giacobetti

Launched in 2004 Premier Figuier Extrême was intended to be a deeper, fuller representation of 1994’s Premier Figuier.

It opens with green fig leaf tempered with a note of coconut from gorse flower so that the opening is rich, but not strident or sharp. As it blooms on the skin, fig appears, succulent and lush, its fruitiness heightened by dried fruits – I smell peach here – gently sweetened and softened by creamy almond milk, while stone pine adds a camphouros note. It all rests on a woody base of sandalwood.

Premier Figuier Extrême is less about the green of the fig, though that certainly has a presence throughout the fragrance in sheer, transparent way, and more about the succulent fruit and wood of the tree. Deep, rich and dark, I spray it on my skin, but I feel it in my soul.

Lying under a fig tree in the heat of summer. I’m in France, there are umbrella pines here too. The figs are ripe, the tree warm form the sun, the vibrant greenness of spring is now a shadow….

Notes: fig leaf, gorse flower, fig, dried fruits, peach, almond milk, stone pine and sandalwood.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti

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